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Give Someone A Break

Updated: Apr 3

NYC from my window in a hotel on a girls trip

First LM say that the title was not AI generated. LOL There is a little star on my blog template and I clicked on it and is said-"generate AI title". Dear Lord I said "I think I got this"!

Let's face it-we all need a break!!! Especially our first job out of college. Or our first job in our "career".

Do you often think where you would be if the "mentor" in your life was not there?

The reason for this post is this guy in the photo with me below. This is my son Michael.

He was in college during covid so nothing was "normal". 2020 was extremely challenging for most of us in some way. For college kids I think it was especially isolating. The time in their life when they should have been going to parties, football games, etc. The socialization came to an abrupt halt.

For me as many of you freelancers/self employed persons it was devastating. Financially as well as mentally. I struggled and hit a very low point. I was always active, social. My work existed only if my body was at a job. So no income for my husband and I.

Michael and I -Nov 2020-His first time voting-PS-I am not short he is just 6"3"

This post is not about covid. We are moving on. Life moves on. Up, down and everything in between.

The post here is about mentors. We all need em. I remember when I moved to Chicago after graduating college in Indiana. I had $50 cash. No credit cards. No savings. I crashed on the couch of a friend in the IL burbs and started job hunting. Taking the train to the city daily to apply. No Linked In, no Indeed.

Eventually I went from waitressing in a diner across from Sears Tower to a receptionist in a law firm, catering, cocktail waitress on Rush street.

I floundered for years. I had no one to guide me. I was the only one in my family to attend college. I paid for it myself. I was down. I knew I was better and had to start using my degree.

How I found my mentor.

I went to a business meeting one night and told the woman running it-"I have no idea what to do with my degree". She said, "what do you like to do"? To that I said "cooking and photography". She said "you want to be a food stylist!!" I said-what is that? She told me what they do and I lit up like a Christmas Tree. That is exactly what I want to do.

That day I searched on the computer for names of Chicago food stylists and sent a letter to all. I did get some replies, mostly-"do not need an assistant at this time". Followed by many NO responses. I also got a very emotional response from the mother of a food stylist who had recently deceased. She responded to me is a very heartfelt encouraging way. I will never forget that.

She said "my daughter was happy in the field and she did pretty well financially".

Shortly after all the no's, one day I received a reply from a food stylist saying she was not going to take on any more assistants but changed her mind. Turns out we both graduated from Purdue University in the same Home Ec program. She knew my counselor and professors. Bingo. I hit the career lottery.

Her name is Bonnie Rabert. Now retired from the field after a lengthy, successful run as a top stylist in Chicago.

Ok the reason I am thinking about mentors is my son is in the position I was in all those years ago. For some reason watching him go through it is making me relive it. Hence the title for the post. The kid needs a break!

My son did graduate and not only by the seat of his pants but with honors.

He is still at his college job at Chipotle. He is looking for that mentor/entry level job. He is a phenom in all things sports. He would love to work in the public relations, marketing realm. He is a great writer and presenter. Cannot hurt to put this out into the universe.

Do not let a day go by that you do not think about those in your life who have helped you up the ladder or even "find the ladder"!!!! People are brought into our lives for a reason and for us to learn something. Never let it go unnoticed. Now go give someone a break!

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